Missionary came to China and expanded their definition of a week. So Monday to Sunday in Chinese expression starts with Worship just like below table.

And at the same time, Chinese people started to use 7 stars to define 7days in a week. The 7 stars is Sun, Moon, Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Soil. It’s called as “Star Cycle”

EnglishChinese Expression ⅠChinese Expression ⅡChinese Expression Ⅲ
MondayWorship oneStar Cycle oneWeek one
TuesdayWorship twoStar Cycle twoWeek two
WednesdayWorship threeStar Cycle threeWeek three
ThursdayWorship fourStar Cycle fourWeek four
FridayWorship fiveStar Cycle fiveWeek five
SaturdayWorship sixStar Cycle sixWeek six
SundayWorship sunStar Cycle sunWeek sun
One weekOne worshipOne star cycleOne week
Next weekNext worshipNext star cycleNext week

Only Star Cycle is used under formal occasion such as books, newspaper and conference in China.

Worship, Star Cycle and Week are always used in verbal communication. It always depends on the speaking person’s habit.

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