Sea Horse

The below will list some English words that is almost same as Chinese words.

Sunglasses = sun glasses = tai yang jing

Sundown = sun down = ri luo

Sunlight = sun light = ri guang

Now you know sun = ri or tai yang, light = guang, let’s do a trick, combine tai yang with guang = tai yang guang, which is equal to ri guang = sunlight.

So let’s do another trick now, what does it mean by “tai yang luo”?

Sea horse = hai ma

Sea lion = hai shi

Seabeds = sea bed = hai chuang

Seadogs = sea dog = hai gou

Seaweed = sea weed = hai cao

Now you know sea = hai, let’s do a trick, combine tai yang luo with hai = tai yang luo hai, you should know what it means now.

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