Chinese Word: 早餐

English Meaning: morning meal


Chinese Word: 午餐

English Meaning: afternoon meal


Chinese Word: 晚餐

English Meaning: night meal


Chinese Word: 烧烤

English Meaning: fire bake


Chinese Word: 烤箱

English Meaning: bake box


Chinese Word: 洗碗机

English Meaning: wash-dish machine


Chinese Word: 洗洁精

English Meaning: wash-clean essence

Editor’s explanation: Chinese words always try to name things via combination of some simple words instead of creating new words. Chinese characters ended up creating new ones from 2000years ago(Qin Dynasty), so generally you will just need to learn about 800 words in Chinese.

China has 56 ethnic groups, which have their own pronunciation. When you start learning Chinese, you can just consider English as the 57th pronunciation.

For example, wash-dish machine = wash dish machine = xi wan ji

wash = xi

dish = wan

machine = ji

Another example, wash-clean essence = wash clean essence = xi jie jing

wash = xi

clean = jie

essence = jing

Another example, wash hand = xi shou

wash = xi

hand = shou

So until now I’m sure you have learned first Chinese word “xi”.

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