China is well-known country which has numerous recipe of delicious foods. There is a saying: Food is god for the people.

Chinese people always use sentence related with eating to describe some situation.

English MeaningChinese Expression
What has been done cannot be undone.Raw rice have made a meal.
Take the blame.Backpacked with a pot.
Shift the blame.Throw off the pot
Suffer losses.Eat losses.
Give special favor.Turn on a small stove.
You surprised me.You made me eat a surprise.
Defeat the rookies.Trample vegetable.
Play someone for a sucker.cut off Jiucai.
Stupid rookie.Vegetable bun.
Round face.Bun face.
Listen to others’ advices.Listen to others’ advices, then you will have a good meal.
Rest on your laurelsEat your un-growing capital
JealousEat vinegar
Suffer hardshipsEat hardships
In high favour or Sought-after Eat sweet-smelling
Tense or CriticalEat tesne
be welcome everywhereEat open
DifficultEat power; Eat strength
Stay idleEat lazy rice
FlogEat stick
Can’t bearCan’t eat bear
Can bearCan eat bear
Able to do something preciselyCan eat precisely
Cannot do preciselyCannot eat precisely
Be denied entrance at the doorEat thick soup of locked door
live on sb. while helping others secretlyEat inside and giving outside
With all your strengthstrength of eating milk. P.S. Eat milk in China just exactly means feed with breast milk.
Getting an equal share regardless of the work doneEat big pot rice
Yielding to soft approaches but rejecting forceEat soft but don’t eat hard
Gifts blind the eyesEat food served by others, your mouth will be soft
Treat people ruthlessly and cruellyEat people and even not throw up its bones
Face the music Can’t eat all the food and bring the rest back home.
GreedyEat the bowl’s while watching the pot.
Penny wise, pound foolishPinch a penny, eat big losses
No cross, no crownEat hardships in hardships, can be king of kings.
Lifetime jobIron rice bowl
Sexual harassmentEat tofu

The above is only listing some commonly-used Chinese expression. Chinese people always self-mocking “Everything can be eaten!”

Well for most Chinese, they only eat normal food. Take the editor as an example, I eat pork, beef, chicken, duck, fish and lamb in daily life.

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