Chinese Word: 电脑

English Meaning: Electrical Brain


Chinese Word: 键盘

English Meaning: Button Board


Chinese Word: 屏幕

English Meaning: Display Covering


Chinese Word: 鼠标

English Meaning: Mouse Pointer

Editor’s explanation:Chinese words just like how to use “Mouse”,

1. It expresses different meaning under different situation.

2. Chinese characters ended up creating new ones from 2000years ago(Qin Dynasty), so it always try to name new things using existed and simple words. For example, “Rocket” in Chinese means “Fire Arrow”. Just imagine it, doesn’t rocket like a big arrow with fire?

3. So generally you will just need to learn about 800 words in Chinese, you will be good to read all articles no matter how technology developed. For example, “Mars””Mercury”“Venus””Jupiter” in Chinese means “Fire Star””Water Star”“Gold Star””Wood Star”, isn’t it easy?

Another example, Coronavirus in Chinese means “New-Type Circle-Shape Virus”, “NewCircle” for short. I’m sure even if your kids studying at primary school grade one, he/she will know how the virus looks like and doesn’t have to remember an new word “coronavirus”.

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