Big Mouth

Chinese words come from item’s shape. Take the “water” as an example, the below is showing how “water” developed.

3600years ago 3300years agao 2500years ago 2000years ago 1500years ago People’s Republic of China(since 1956)

So Chinese people always describe some situation via shape or some item itself, Let me list some samples as below:

English MeaningChinese Expression
Big mouthBig mouth
CoronavirusNew-type Circle-shape Virus
Son of a bitchDog fucked
StupidYou are a pig
Cast pearls before swinePlay the piano in front of a cattle
Let sleeping dogs lieBeat the grass and frighten away the snake
She dug a hole for meShe dug a hole for me
Save somebody from embarrassmentCircle field
Lie wellCircle lie
SlyCircle and slick
GenerosityBig and square
RocketFire arrow

Chinese words ended up creating new ones since 2000years ago, it makes a lot of words containing several meanings to describe different situation. For example, when sb.’s performance is not good as expected, we can say “he is too much water.” So at most time, Chinese expression always consists of two words to make it clear like circle field and circle lie.

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