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At the very beginning, you need to learn Pronounciation Symbol.

In China, students in primary school 1st year-3rd year have to read articles with pronounciation symbol, just like the below:

Beginning from 4th year, they will be able to read articles without pronounciation symbol, as they have remembered almost all of Chinese words commonly used.

The process of remembering Chinese words is suffering for all of students, they have to write down the words again and again, just like the below:

Each words need to repeat 8times, but it’s not enough, most time each words have to repeat 20times.

All sufferings have their reward, generally you will just need to learn about 800 words in Chinese, you will be good to read all articles no matter how technology developed. For example, “Mars””Mercury”“Venus””Jupiter” in Chinese means “Fire Star””Water Star”“Gold Star””Wood Star”.

Chinese characters ended up creating new ones from 2000years ago(Qin Dynasty), so it always try to name new things using existed and simple words. For example, “Rocket” in Chinese means “Fire Arrow”.

Pronounciation Symbol

A British missionary came to China and developed the pronounciation symbol for Chinese words. So almost all of pronounciation symbol is from letters of alphabet(a, b, c, d, …z), well their prounication is a little bit different from English.

The below will show up all pronounciation symbol for Chinese and at next article, we will tell you how they pronounce and how to remember them easily.

Mother Symbol

b, p, m, f, d, t, n, l, g, k, h, j, q, x, zh, ch, sh, r, z, c, s, y, w

Child Symbol

a o e i u ü

ai ei ui ao ou iu ie üe er

an en in un ün ang eng ing ong

Grand Symbol

zhi chi shi ri zi ci si yi wu yu ye yue yuan yin yun ying

Mother Symbol + Child Symbol will come up a Chinese word

Example: b + a = ba

“ba ba” means dad.

As for Grand Symbol, they cannot combine anything, just need to remember them how to pronounce.

One more thing.

You can combine Mother Symbol and Child Symbol randomly, it always comes up a Chinese word.

like b + ai = bai, “bai bai” means byebye

b + ao = bao, “bao bao” means baby

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