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Computer in Charming Chinese
Mar 15th 21

Chinese Word: 电脑 English Meaning: Electrical Brain Keyboard Chinese Word: 键盘 English Meaning: Button Board Screen Chinese Word: 屏幕 English Meaning: Display Covering Mouse Chinese Word: 鼠标 English ...

Eating in Charming Chinese
Mar 23rd 21

China is well-known country which has numerous recipe of delicious foods. There is a saying: Food is god for the people. Chinese people always use sentence related with eating to describe some ...

入 Enter into in Step Two
Mar 30th 21

rù Main meaning: enter into, go inside Another meaning: join For example: Entrance = 入 field, football players walk 入 field. Join in = add 入, I'd like to add 入 your party.

in Step Two
Mar 30th 21

1st: le 2nd: liǎo understand, know = 了 solve, Sample: You need to know current situation = you need to 了 solve current situation. 2. finish, have, complete = always ends with 了 to express "have had", ...

二 Second in Step Two
Mar 30th 21

èr 二 = Second remarry = 二 marry February = 二 month Grade two = 二 grade World War II or the Second World War = 二 war

5. Grand in Step Zero
Mar 22nd 21

At this article, we will tell you how to pronounce Grand Symbol and how to remember them easily. Grand Symbol zhi chi shi ri zi ci si yi wu yu ye yue yuan yin yun ying Firstly, we need to know why ...

Question? in Charming Chinese
Mar 29th 21

The most difference between Chinese and English is structure of sentence. When you ask a question via English, you have to adjust the structure of sentence. In English, you have to change word to ...

一 One in Step One
Mar 30th 21

yī 一 = One For example: One day = 一 day One year = 一 year One minute = 一 minute One pcs = 一 pcs World War I or the First World War = 一 war

Sunday in Charming Chinese
Mar 28th 21

Missionary came to China and expanded their definition of a week. So Monday to Sunday in Chinese expression starts with Worship just like below table. And at the same time, Chinese people started to ...

Big Mouth in Charming Chinese
Mar 23rd 21

Chinese words come from item's shape. Take the "water" as an example, the below is showing how "water" developed. 3600years ago 3300years agao 2500years ago 2000years ago 1500years ago People's ...